Optimizing resource efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Our delicious and high-quality food is produced through the efficient use of natural resources, mainly, energy, water, and sustainably farmed potatoes. We aim to pave the way for building a low carbon economy by reducing Co2 emissions, zero waste to landfill, encouraging the use of renewable energy, and efficient use of water resources.

Mitigating our climate impacts

  1. 23% of total electricity consumed at our Mehsana plant comes from renewable sources.
  2. 13% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 absolute emissions as compared to F17.
  3. 1% reduction in Scope 3 emissions intensity as compared to F17.
  4. We have committed to have our targets validated as per the Science-Based Targets which are in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.
  5. McCain is a member of RE100, a collective of organizations committed to shift to 100% renewable power.
  6. Becoming more energy-efficient through the implementation of more energy-efficient technologies and processes at our plants.  

Efficient use of water

  1. More than 50% of the water is recycled through our state-of-the-art water purification systems.
  2. Biologically treated effluent after tertiary treatment discharged from our systems is used for washing and landscaping purposes, which decreases dependency on the ground, and surface water (eg: Canals, river etc), and water is recovered also in Recycling plant for processes and drinking purpose.
  3. We are striving towards water efficiency and optimization through continuous monitoring and upgrading our existing systems, to achieve our global target of 15% improvement in water use efficiency by 2030.
  4. We use Rainwater harvesting systems in our plants to capture rainwater and recharge groundwater and will continue investing in water-saving technologies, best practice approaches and programs.

Targeting Zero Waste

  1. We send around 5.5% waste to TSDF site authorized by regulatory body for secured landfill, which is a 1%. reduction compared to F20 and we are committed to reduce this by 2025.
  2. Our soon-to-be-launched bio-digester aims to generate energy from potato waste.
  3. We convert all our used oil into biodiesel.
  4. We recycle all our plastic and paper waste.
  5. We aim to maximize the full value of the potato. Excess potato starch is used to manufacture products like glue, corrugation gum etc.
  6. 100% of our post-consumer plastic is recycled.

Sustainable packaging

  1. Frozen food needs to be packed effectively. For that reason, we are exploring innovative packaging solutions that will help protect the planet, while optimizing the safe and secure delivery of our products.
  2. We are working on our packaging dimension to reduce poly usage as well as reduce packaging waste.
  3. There has been a 44% reduction in plastic content in packaging as compared to F17.
  4. We aim to ensure 100% of our materials are recyclable (B2C) according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation definition, which requires there is successful post-consumer collection, sorting, and recycling and it is proven to work in practice and at scale.
  5. We are signatories of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and are determined to building a circular economy for plastic.
  6. More than 99% of paper used in domestic packaging is made of recycled content.

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