Come Back Stronger

As restaurant owners and operators reopen their dining rooms to guests and prepare for Delivery Solutions, some operational shifts may be necessary. Stricter safety measures, menu retooling, staff retraining-no matter what challenges your business is facing, we want you to know that you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here for you, with tools and ideas to help you not only get back to doing what you love but doing it better than ever.

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Building Customer Confidence

Helping your customers deliver

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    SAFETY FIRST – communicate what you are doing to keep people safe (Contactless payments, cleaning, social distancing queuing systems, carry-to-car services)

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    More frequent cleaning rotas (including door handles & toilet facilities)

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    A timer on a phone (at least every 15 minutes) to remind your whole crew, serving & delivery staff to handwash regularly

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    The potential to introduce mask- wearing in food preparation areas

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    Deep cleans at the end of each shift

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McCain’s Enhanced Safety Practices during COVID times

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Safety Guidelines we are following

To battle Covid-19 and provide you with the safest and most hygienic frozen food, McCain, as an organization, has a strong focus on Employee Hygiene, Cleaning and Sanitation and Social Distancing.
We take utmost precautions from inward of raw material to supplying the finished product to our operators.
Some of the Key measures we take are as follows:

  1. Disinfecting various touchpoints:

    Disinfections of supplier vehicles, Shift buses and Plant areas which have higher touch points including daily cleaning of laundry

  2. Safety during Production – Employee Health and Hygiene:

    Thermal Scanning at entry and exits, mandatory 2 hourly hand sanitation for all food handlers (verification by quality), face masks to all employees and Arogya Setu app mandated by Government

  3. General Social Distancing and Employee Training & Awareness:

    Staggered shift timings through 12 hours shift (40% of total strength), Social distancing of 1 meter maintained at all times, Virtual meetings and daily training to employees during shift changeover and Digital Awareness at cafeteria

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McCain Supports Local!

McCain’s commitment to its’ product quality, people and customers are one of the key reasons for its’ success. When we first started in 1999 in India, we knew in a French fry business, if you don’t get the agronomy right, nothing else matters.

Since then as an association, we are focused deeply with the local potato growers of several Indian states through several initiatives

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McCain supports local


  1. Training to farmers for best agricultural and farm management practices
  2. Working on Higher return for the farmers by generating high productivity in farms
  3. Following Good agricultural practices (GAP) which addresses environmental, economic and social sustainability
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    Generating seasonal employment to 1000 local workers every year through state of the art manufacturing facility

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    Supporting more than 1000 local growers

With one of the biggest distribution network in Frozen food potato business, we have sales team located all over India specially trained to sell solutions which will increase your profitability and reduce costs.

Our product offers best benefits such as:

  • 1Rich aroma
  • 2Unique Flavor and
  • 3Cost saving through less oil absorption

Together let’s Get Back in the Game

While some customers may be hesitant to eat out of home, they will be keen to order in from their favourite restaurants once they reopen. It’s likely delivery will become a vital income stream for many restaurants in the future; with this new eating habit are here to stay. This is why delivery needs to be offered at a high standard – to ensure food is delivered in the same optimum condition it leaves the kitchen. Whether you’re currently doing delivery, have tried and decided it’s too difficult or are new to it - we have some expert advice that can help.

Our expertise lies in crafting products that not only do your customer’s love,but also stand up to the tough demands of delivery.Our combined product and operational knowledge will give you the insight and information you need to get professional with delivery.

We are here to Help

In this time Safety comes first & we are now a level above food hygiene and allergen management. Now that everything is going contactless and frictionless, few things that can help you regain business are by following good hygiene and safety practices & Packaging norms.

Packaging Sop

We’ve developed a simple step by step packaging guide with easy tips to make the crispiness last longer using either a fry sleeve, clamshell or folded carton.

Hygiene & Safety Practices

but why is food packaging important on delivery?

  1. Protects food from contamination
  2. Makes a meal more appealing – senses influence dining experience such as sigh
  3. Controls the food temperature and keeps it hot – so use the right packaging for the right job e.g. vents/holes for crispy products, more sealed for saucy stew-type dishes.
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    Allows you to charge a premium – well packaged food has a higher perceived value

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    Reinforces your brand – packaging is an important brand touch point

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    Shows your customers what you value – e.g. sustainability/ biodegradable packaging

Delivery Advice for operators in these challenging times

heck that you are allowed to offer hot food for consumption off the premises: most premises have now been given dispensation to deliver between 5am and 11pm. Your current alcohol licence will need to cover any off-premise sales you make, or a variation / “temporary event notice” will be needed.


how to perfect your packaging

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understand the future of contactless eating

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Packaging SOP’s

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