Frozen Facts
Frozen Facts

"You can be sure it's fresh - if it's frozen" - British Frozen Food Federation

"Freezing can actually help preserve levels of certain nutrients in the food, as the nutrient concentrations are placed in 'suspended animation' whilst the produce remains frozen" - British Frozen Food Federation

  • Freezing is a natural form of food preservation: Advanced quick freezing technology helps to preserve the food without any use of preservatives or additives.
  • Frozen food can be nutritious: Freezing helps in locking nutrition by inhibiting the loss of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Frozen Food gives consistent quality: Frozen foods are made using set standards and parameters and hence, most of the time there is same crispness, flavour, shape and quality.
  • Frozen Food is highly convenient and flexible: Frozen foods allow usage as per requirement. They are highly convenient as there is no cutting or chopping required. They also get ready in minutes.

Facts on McCain Frozen Foods

We recognize the importance of eating a well-balanced diet that meets the daily needs of calories and nutrients. That's why we strive to provide a range of products that are 'better for you' and 'fun to eat'.

  • McCain Products are Fresh
    We use advanced IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) technology as the method of food preservation which helps to lock freshness and nutrition. Quick Freezing is a method used for increasing the shelf-life of perishable foods by subjecting them to temperatures of -18??C to inhibit the oxidative, enzymatic and microbial changes, which are responsible for the changes in the flavour and colours of foods.
  • McCain Products are Nutritious
    We strive to use superior quality potatoes (high solid content, low on sugar and moisture) that are produced by making the use of best agronomy practices. What's more, these are selected at their peak of nutrition and flavour, quickly precooked and frozen, before there is any deterioration of the food quality.
  • McCain Potato Products are Trans-Fat Free
    We use only 100% vegetable oils in our formulations. In addition, these oils are neither hydrogenated nor partially hydrogenated resulting in potato products that are trans-fat free.
  • Most of McCain Products are Cholesterol-free
    Cholesterol is present in products from animal origin like milk, cheese, egg yolk etc. It is not present in plant-based food sources unless it has been added during the food's preparation. McCain products are 100% vegetarian and most are made using non-hydrogenated vegetable oils making them cholesterol free.